The No Bull Movement is committed to empowering a kinder world. Our campaigns, initiatives and scholarships scale the efforts of individuals and organizations successfully working to end bullying.

We're taking a stand - No Bull!


The truth is: Bullying is a complex problem with no single or simple solution. With the No Bull Movement, we commit to identify the programming that is making a difference in this space and invest in that success to scale efforts and build a kinder world.

Our plan is to empower ourselves and each other to stand up against bullying, to stand together, secure in the knowledge that we deserve better. How do we do that? We intend to:

  • Identify and invest in the non-profits that exemplify excellence in this space.
  • Fund scholarships for people, young and older alike, conceived of by members of the No Bull Movement.
  • Provide resources and inspiration to our members to rely upon and share.

We would love for you to share your Stand Up Story to inspire others! If you have a great idea, want to recommend a program, or just want to shout out someone who is making a difference and deserves a helping hand, submit a Stand Up Request.

That's our plan! What do you think? We're cutting the BS and taking a stand to end bullying. We hope you'll join us.





The No Bull Movement’s primary activity is to raise and distribute money to other non-profits, funds, and organizations that are utilizing their efforts to prevent, combat, or provide resources to deal with the effects of bullying. Each quarter, we will choose a different non-profit, initiative, or campaign for which to raise funds and distribute at the end of the fundraising period. The Board of Directors will review applications or requests for assistance and choose and vote on the initiatives at the beginning of each quarter for the following quarter. The next quarter will be used to build and execute the fundraising campaign.


In addition to grant making to other charities or initiatives, the No Bull Movement will also provide scholarships for survivors of bullying or people who have taken a stand against bullying within their own communities. If you or someone you know fits the bill here, let us know! We cannot fund every applicant, but we will read and consider every application carefully, and you may be featured on our social channels!

Creating Awareness

The No Bull Movement intends to establish collaborative research efforts and partnerships with other institutions. Through these efforts we will create a resource for victims of bullying and the support systems of those affected by bullying (i.e. parents, school administrators, friends, and others). In addition, we intend to create meaningful, educational, inspiring and impactful content to share through our website, social media channels, and in the press.

We intend to engage in public education efforts to inform individuals affected by bullying (whether the victim, family, friends, or schools) about ways to combat and prevent bullying and its harmful effects, to help the community and society achieve a higher, more positive level of engagement and acceptance of each other.

We’re building a kinder world. Together, we can end bullying.